Need for Ultrasound Technician Certification

Need for Medical Sonography Certification

With technology making rapid strides in medical sonography services and many in pursuit of the bright lucrative calling it helps to have a much needed competitive edge. Medical sonography certification helps you gain a head start over others. Ultrasound technician certification program is the actual symbolic representation of your dedication and commitment in the field of Medical Sonography.

Academic Certification Programs:

A wide range of academic certification programs are available and most of the certification programs concentrate on various specializations related to sonography. While some are a required prerequisite to get a job others are specialized to those who want to advance their career.

  1. Certificate in Diagnostic Medical Sonography: The basic academic program which comprises  of both classroom and practical hands on training  in laboratory and clinical settings
  2. Certificate in Cardiovascular Technology: Specialized programs which involve use of imaging equipment to examine the blood dynamics,  heart and blood vessel system
  3. Advanced Certificate in Cardiac Sonography: Advanced course to study cardiac system
  4. Obstetrics & Gynecology Supplemental Certificate: Advanced certification course used to study pregnancy, fetal development, its physiology and pathology
  5. Pediatric Cardiac Sonography Certificate:  Used to study the cardiovascular system among infants and children.

Licensing Certification Program:

Program designed to procure license to practice sonography and its specializations. These certification programs in ultrasound will assist you in preparation and qualifying ARDMS certification exam. Those who complete ARDMS can also choose certification program as RVT 9 Vascular technologist), RCS (Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer) , or choose ultrasound  specializations in Abdomen, Breast , Neurosonology among others

Medical Sonography Certification Program Duration:-

Academic certification programs may vary with the different ultrasound technician schools offering the sonography program, on an average certification programs may take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to complete based on specialization

Medical Sonography Certified Courses: Rewarding Your Career:-

Certified diagnostic medical sonographers can be employed almost anywhere from medical facilities to nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, private offices, and research industries. There is a constant demand for sonographers willing to practice as qualified educators, researchers, and administrators along with conventional diagnosis.

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